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by nothingilistic

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made with no money and borrowed equipment, this indie pop alternative song collection is a commentary on nothingilistic's reading's into the strange and odd counterculture of new ageism. 10 song's about ufo's gods, aliens ,and vampires. the questioned asked is,what do we really know ?


released July 26, 2010

all songs written and performed by nothingilistic



all rights reserved


nothingilistic Vancouver, British Columbia

nothingilistic is a singer songwriter solo artist from vancouver

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Track Name: you have to see it to believe it
i know for a fact ,at least i thought i knew the things that i lack, for every mood there was a seasonal that could be attributed to viral attack. ok ok.

i didn't know then, that my security would come to a end, my personalty has started to bend and what i thought i knew i didn't know then. ok.ok.

i asked for the truth i didn't think that id be pulling the roots that undermine all my daily pursuits and contradict all my literal truths.

if my friends could see me now you will believe it when you see it. how i made the change and how, you have to see it to believe it.

innocence lost in the game and in my defense wasn't the same but i know where it went, to tell the truth i feel better this way.but now things have changed, I'm recognizing all the people to blame and realizing that's its always the same the yin and yang on a physical plane.
Track Name: teach me to win
i walk around in confusion, i never make it so, the 5 senses around my head always let me know.its a slight contradiction , always a cruel game, and with slight contradictions, i think ill be didn't work for my parents to give it up for the team. it didn't work for the hippies they couldn't stay very clean.and with slight trepidation i came into this world.and if i hadn't been lucky , i wouldn't have gotten the girl. I'm all mixed up, what has happened to me.Ive been set up, i just want to be free. oh no i cant explain the condition I'm in. educate or elevate, teach me to I'm reaching for glory as i turn on the big game.i never fear or i worry there's always someone to blame. it's a mater of self preservation, living up to the ideal,and though i have no conviction i try to numb what i feel.
Track Name: the vampire in me
I'm lying here with my secrets . i lay awake and i stare . i built a fortress of lies and deceit . i pulled it out of thin air.but i can't predict the future i can only change the past and what you know. but even that is temporary you never know when the truth is gonna show.

so i remain quite nameless with my hidden identity and your all so faceless and unaware of reality so i double all my efforts to keep the things i fought so hard to get, but everything is changing and I'm amazed you haven't caught on yet.

i hide away where the sun cant reach me
wait at your door till you let me in
you fall asleep in the bed beside me
cry out loud as my teeth sink through your skin
it's the vampire in me and the hunger always wins

now just sand in my fingers, i thought i had it all .one hand on the population the other building a wall.but you cant rest on your laurels, you cant sit still cause things can always change . one day your a royal the next day it can all just slip away.
Track Name: smarter superman
i want to know how you think, read your mind anticipate your needs and though you may not notice, you've been hypnotized and I've already planted the a seed i just want inside your head to work the levers and figure out the key to isolate and separate your soul from yourself and your self away from me.

understand motivation the psychology of the modern man manipulate situations to hide the truth in the palm of the other hand. sex and logic go hand in hand, twist the words so your mind don't understand. off balance in a cruel game of hid and seek your soul

no no no, i'm pulling the strings while your mind is on other things.
no no no, i figured you out filled your mind with fear and doubt.
no no no, scared you to death, take it all till there's nothing left.
no no no, you don't understand cause i'm a smarter superman
Track Name: that changes everything
Suspended in you levitation
a marvel impressed in the sky
with little or no hesitation
you're gone in the wink of an eye
and though they never do notice
you travel at speeds overhead
you're watching me as I'm watching you
I pick up your sounds in my head
they're calling me out
you don't see the lair of a serpent
or just how the venom is spread
the bars of gold in a guided cage
or just how emotions are bled
I focus on my intention
a rock that falls in a stream
the current my try and push me
but the stone continues to sink

they words that you said
show me reality instead
of all the crap I'm being fed
and that... that changes everything
your vision and your sound
just keeps me turning me round and round
to all the mysteries that I found
and that... that changes everything
the effort that you made
old ideas start to fade
and once was lost was now being saved
and that... that changes everything
enlightenment I found made my head turn round and round
and my world turned upside down
and that... that changes everything
Track Name: the perfect man
I think I found what I'm looking for
indigenous till we add more
change around the DNA
a lulumon that we obey
a new creation by our hands
I present to you a perfect man

A verbal mind and hairless skin
right from wrong original sin
Logic dominates subconscious mind
A hybrid breed one of a kind
A new creation by our hands
I present to you the perfect man

No longer animal a natural thing
a hairless ape, an era begins
a child's mind to shape and to fold
expectancy can never get old
we interfere because we can
to work the ground and mine for gold
give it a self to cover its soul

the perfect man
Track Name: we hope not anyway
Divide and conquer
the rule of the game
separated and dissonant
with someone to blame
left and right the great and the fall
with nothing left the winner takes all

divided thinking
the wrong and the right
you'll never get very far in this life this way
we hope not anyway

a tower of babel
we teach them to sin
to kill thy neighbor in order to win
with hope on one side
despair in the rear
we hide the mystery
they never get near

We hope they never reach us
we hope not anyway
Track Name: if theres a will there's a way
we have analyzed the rules of the game. hypothesized the theories engaged. met a wall, but were smarter then that. bet it all, never threw in the hat. recapitulate the numbers we use and demonstrate , it's part of the ruse. but the deadline comes, but were ready for that . and our findings show and agree with the facts. if there's a will there's a way. we cant delay there isn't no time. like superman, except with our minds. we save the day, but just for ourselves . well be OK you can all go to hell. the funding's been ok'ed last week but since then Im dead on my feet. 24/7 overtime . what Ive discovered will blow your mind .if there's a will there's a way. leave it to me, i'll be on time . the projects due and if you don't mind put on the pot , it's a quarter to 3 we have a date with destiny. if there's a will there's a way
Track Name: larry king vs. bill nye (the science guy)
Larry king staring right back at me , live on CNN or some affiliate station. he stares me down quite seriously, glasses in place ,reptilianly. "Hello caller, its Larry king here, live, stay tuned ,well take a short break."as my mind settles in for a talk about some new book or some scandal or two. "today's topic well it UFOs landing or crashing i say, in some little place some place out of the way and my guest tonight is someone who will talk to me about a cover up or a government agency". hold on, hey, it must be Bill Nye, you know the science guy,debunking the widow who claims legit about the UFOs and her fathers bid to cover up, nice and tight and clean, glossed over by the spin machine.Larry king talks about the real thing but not Bill Nye, the science guy.Larry king makes me want to dance and sing but not Bill Nye, the science guy. he was wearing his bow tie and he was suited well, for a guy his age ,as far as i could tell, but bill Nye ,well he was sweating bullets , i wonder how much he was getting paid to muddy the waters to distract the public from the obvious truth, to trick and to ruse. "nothing is proved"he said to the widow as she related her story from her fathers death bed.disrespectful and under dressed ,his spin fell off like a plate on a he broke into a nervous smile, even Larry king interrupted his flow and cut him off from his disinformation . cause it was his show and he was king , if you know what i mean.
Larry king vs. Bill Nye